Each vial contains:
Cefotaxime (as sodium salt)            250 or 500 mg or 1 g

Properties and Mode of Action
CEFOTAX , cefotaxime is a parenteral third generation cephalosporin antibiotic.
CEFOTAX , is highly stable to hydrolysis by most beta-lactamases and has great activity against most G-ve and G+ve aerobic bacteria.
CEFOTAX is also active against some anaerobic bacteria.
Desacetylcefotaxime is an active metabolite of cefotaxime which exerts an additive or synergistic effect against some species.

CEFOTAX is used in the treatment of infections due to susceptible organisms espcially serious and life-threatening infections such as:
Typhoid fever.
Respiratory tract infections.
Urinary tract infections.
G.I.T. infections.
Skin and skin structure infections.
Gynaecological infections.
Perioperative prophylaxis.

Dosage and Administration
CEFOTAX is given by deep I.M. injection or I.V. by slow injection over 3 - 5 minutes or by infusion over 20 - 60 minutes.
Usual Adult Dose:
Administer I.V. or I.M.. Maximum daily dosage should not exceed 12 g.
Uncomplicated Infections: 1 g every 12 hours I.M. or I.V..
Moderate to Severe Infections: 1 - 2 g every 8 hours I.M. or I.V..
Infections commonly needing higher dosage (e.g.Septicaemia):
2 g every 8 hours I.V.. Life - threatening Infections: 2 g every 4 hours I.V..
Gonococcal Urethritis/Cervicitis in Males and Females: 0.5 g I.M. (single dose).
Rectal Gonorrhea in Females: 0.5 g I.M. (single dose).
Rectal Gonorrhea in Males: 1 g I.M. (single dose).
Perioperative Prophylaxis:
1 g I.V. or I.M., 30 to 90 minutes prior to surgery.
Caesarian Section
Administer the first 1g dose IV as soon as the umbilical cord is clamped.
Administer the second and third doses as 1g I.V. or I.M. at 6 and 12hour intervals after the first dose.
Renal function impairment
Doses should be reduced in severe renal impairment.
After an initial loading dose of 1g, halving the dose while maintaining the usual frequency of dosing has been suggested.
Usual Pediatric Dose:
Neonates Up to 1 Week of age: 50 mg / kg / 12 hours I.V..
Neonates 1 - 4 Weeks of age: 50 mg / kg / 8 hours I.V..
1 Month - 12 Years (<50 kg): 50 - 200 mg / kg / day I.V. or I.M. in 4-6 divided doses.
Use higher doses for more severe infections including meningitis.
Children >= 50kg: Use adult dose.

Hypersensitive patients to penicillins may be also hypersensitive to CEFOTAX by cross hypersensitivity.

Hypersensitivity to cephalosporins.

Side effects
Local reactions: e.g. pain at the I.M. injection site.
General reactions: e.g. skin rash, fever, elevation in SGOT and SGPT, or diarrhea.

CEFOTAX 250 mg Vials : Box of 1 vial + 1 ampoule solvent.
CEFOTAX 500 mg Vials : Box of 1 vial + 1 ampoule solvent.
CEFOTAX 1 g Vials : Box of 1 vial + 1 ampoule solvent.