Each metered dose delivers:
Salbutamol sulphate B.P. equivalent to:
Salbutamol                            100 mcg

Treatment and prophylaxis of bronchial asthma, and also for the treatment of other conditions such as: bronchitis and emphysema with associated reversible airway obstruction.
AEROLIN relieves attacks of acute dyspnoea.
AEROLIN is suitable for treating bronchospasm in patients with co-existing heart disease or hypertension including those taking beta-blocking drugs which often impair respiratory function.

Dosage and Administration

For the Relief of Bronchospasm and For Managing Intermittent Episodes of Asthma:
1 - 2 inhalations may be administered as a single dose.

Chronic Maintenance or Prophylactic Therapy:
2 inhalations 3 or 4 times daily.

To Prevent Exercise-induced Bronchospasm:
2 inhalations just prior to exertion.

For the Relief of Acute Bronchospasm, In the Management of Episodic Asthma or Before Exercise:

1 inhalation is recommended.

Metered aerosol with a special actuator.
Each container provides 400 inhalations.