Each 1 ml contains:
Benoxinate hydrochloride                                   4 mg

Properties and Mode of Action
BENOX is the effective surface anaesthetic used in short ophthalmological procedures.
One drop instilled into the conjunctival sac anaesthetizes the surface sufficiently to allow tonometry after 60 seconds and a further drop after 90 seconds provides adequate anaesthesia for the fitting of contact lenses.
Three drops at 90 second intervals produce sufficient anaesthesia after 5 minutes for a foreign body to be removed from the corneal epithelium, or for incision of a meibomian cyst through the conjunctiva.
The sensitivity of the cornea after 3 drops is normal again in about 1 hour, whereas after one drop the effective anaesthesia lasts 10 - 15 minutes.

Corneal anaesthesia of short duration (e.g. tonometry, removal of corneal foreign bodies and sutures).
Short corneal and conjunctival procedures.
Cataract surgery.
Conjunctival and corneal scraping for diagnostic purposes.
Paracentesis of the anterior chamber.

As with other topical anaesthetics:
BENOX should be used cautiously in patients with abnormal or reduced levels of plasma esterases.
BENOX should be used cautiously and sparingly in patients with known allergies, cardiac disease or hyperthyroidism.
If signs of sensitivity develop, discontinue use.
Used in pregnancy only when clearly indicated.

Known hypersensitivity to similar drugs (ester - type local anaesthetics), para-aminobenzoic acid or its derivatives or to any other ingredient in this preparation.

Side effects
As with other local anaesthetics, occasional redness may occur.

10 ml plastic dropper bottle.