Each 100 g contains:
Betamethasone valerate                                   0.1 g

Properties and Mode of Action
BETADERM contains betamethasone valerate which is a corticosteroid developed specifically for dermatological use. The valerate ester of betamethasone has been shown to be the most potent of a long series of betamethasone esters and many other corticosteroids.
BETADERM is a highly effective treatment for inflammatory dermatoses which are normally responsive to topical corticosteroid therapy.

Different types of eczema including: contact eczema, atopic eczema, prurigo, nummular ( discoid ) eczema, and stasis eczema.
Seborrhoeic dermatitis.
Generalized erythroderma.
Anal and vulval pruritus.
Insect bites.

Dosage and Administration
A small quantity of BETADERM should be applied gently to the affected area once or twice daily until improvement occurs. It may then be possible to maintain progressive improvement using one application a day.
BETADERM Cream may be preferable for moist or weeping surfaces , but for dry lesions, BETADERM Ointment with its emollient property is often more satisfactory.

The possibility of systemic absorption should be considerd when BETADERM preparations are used with occlusive dressings on extensive areas or for prolonged periods or during pregnancy . Absorption is more likely in infants and children and may occur even in the absence of occlusion.

Side effects
BETADERM is usually well-tolerated but if signs of hypersensitivity appear, application should be stopped immediately.

Cream : Tube of 15 g.
BETADERM Ointment : Tube of 15 g.